Switching from a 16F628 to a 16F88

Yep ! I’ve just received a couple of PIC 16F88 microcontrollers. Hard to find (farnell), but finally got them.

16F88 is great compared to 16F628 because:

  • It has twice more memory (4K words)
  • It has a built-in ADC
  • and most importantly, its memory can be programmed through software, that is, it can handle a bootloader.

So I start to play. I launch the last version of ic-prog using wine, connect to my PIC01 programmer, and then try to program a bootloader (Tiny Bootloader), try to connect to it and flash a hex file… It fails. “PIC not found”… Errh ? OK, try again. Make sure the device is verified. OK. Make sure the device is correctly connected. OK. Try #2… Failed… Well, it seems starting by trying to use a bootloader isn’t what can be called a “Hello World” with this new PIC. I need the “blinking led” test. Got a program from a website. Program it. Test it. OK. It works, the LED is blinking. I then try to compile one of my own program (from SirBot). After fighting an hour to find the JAL libraries and compile the program, I try it. The PIC is supposed to echo chars, through the USART. Nothing… Nothing from the PIC…

Everythings work like a charm using a 16F628, so why not now ? Maybe because PICs are not the same :) I’ve read that “pins are compatible”, but it seems I’ve read it too fast. Looking at the specs, pins are not the same, starting by USART’s:

I should really read the specs. At least, look at the pictures…


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