LM3916 based sound sensor

Last time, I’ve made a few test about a simple sound sensor (which I couldn’t make work, but I’m not giving up…). This time, it’s a bit more complex, since this sensor has a LM3916 dot/bar display driver:

  • at the beginning, there’s the same preamp electret mic LM386-based,
  • output is connected to the LM3916 (constructor’s schematics)

The idea is the following : this sound sensor will be used within the TweetyBot project, to detect when the birds sing loud (means “like a pig”) or soft (means “tweetering in the fresh air of the morning”). If they sing loud, the display driver will trigger high db LEDs. Using and/or gates (Master Fenyo said), I could connect the 10 LM3916 outputs to 4 input pins (2^3 < 10 < 2^4). It’s like an ADC, but levels are “steppized” (hum, I mean not continue…). Anyway, even without those considerations, the result is quite nice…


Just for the fun, this is one of my pretty birds, singing (almost) like a pig…


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