Howto teach a bird to sing nice and sweet ?

My birds (Bourke’s Parrot) don’t sing like they should. Usually, Bourke’s parrots sing sweet, twittering softly in the fresh air of the morning… They should be part of a gentle process where I wake up in a good mood. As a matter of fact, they sing far more like a Budgerigar or a Fischer’s Lovebird. You may say they look the same but, believe me, it strongly affects the “gentle process”…

Bourke’s Parrot Budgerigar Fischer’s Lovebird
usually sings sweet, twittering in the fresh air of the morning sings like a pig sings like a big fat pig

So, what’s the point with SirBot ? Well, hopefully, my next bot will be able to reeducate my Bourke’s parrot to sing correctly…


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